Name of course: Kirkcaldy CCLDSVQ 4 Customised Awards.
Unit Numbers:  401,402,403,404,407,416,418,420,425
SCQF Level: 9
Credit value:                      
CCLDSVQ4 (1) unit @ 19 credits  
CCLDSVQ4 (4) units @ 59 credits
CCLDSVQ4 (9) units @123 credits
Suitable for:  “Lead” Practitioners, managers, depute managers.
Settings: Private and Voluntary sector, playgroups, nurseries.
Length of course: 3 months, 6 months and 2 years.
Venue: Daisychain Nursery Kirkcaldy.
Time: By arrangement.
Detail:   A flexible mixture of units to ensure candidates can “top up” existing credits achieved to the requirements set by SSSC. Distance Learning will be employed for some parts of the courses. Direct Observations, tutorials and assessor support will be provided in both “Daisychain” and the associated nursery nearby.